This product has been made for you.......

... If you are a small business owner who wants to make more money doing what you love!


  • Video Guidance on every single page- teaching you the key SLAP principles and how to implement them into your own Action Plan.
  • Interactive worksheets to fill in with your own company’s details
  • Help buttons on every page
  • Algorithms that prompt you to re-think your inputs if necessary.
  • One of our SLAPexperts ready to review your SLAP and provide feedback.
  • SLAPdashboard to keep track of all of your Action Items and monitor your progress towards your quarterly goals and your One Year Goal.
  • SLAPresource section full of templates, videos and other tools:
    EVERYTHING you need in order to successfully execute your SLAP.
  • SLAPconnect to interact with other small business owners to
    brainstorm, help each other with your SLAPs and even do business together.
  • Your SLAPscore- a number that goes up and down based on your activity and results in the SLAPcenter.

How it Works

  • You click on the link below to sign up, and create your account User Name and Password. You can log into your SLAP anytime you want at
  • Plan to spend about 10 hours to BUILD your SLAP during the first month. Then spend 12 months IN ACTION, taking the steps you’ve planned to attract new clients, sell more stuff, and generate more revenue.
  • Ideally, you should login to the SLAPcenter a minimum of 15 minutes a week, 1 hour a month and 2 hours at the end of each quarter to update your progress towards your goals and access any resources you need to successfully execute your SLAP.
  • Whenever we are worried that you are off track with your SLAP- we will reach out and give you a little “slap” to try to help you stay on track
  • As you succeed we will reward you with prizes, profile and anything else we can do to help you keep hitting those goals and growing your business!