We know cashflow is tight.

So we made sure SLAP is super affordable for you. Find the option that is right for you.

Serious SLAP
Recommended Option.

Ongoing accountability with
your SLAPexpert increases your chance of success by over 80%!!!

Full SLAPservice
$1000 Set Up + $100/month
$1000 Set Up + $275/month
$2500 Set Up + $2500/month

Full Access to SLAPcenter.com

Full Access to SLAPconnect

Full Access to SLAPresources Portal

SLAPexpert to review your SLAP once built

Full Access to our SLAPsupport team- ask any question any time!

Ongoing Accountability with a SLAPexpert15 min/wk, 1 hour/month and 2 hours/quarter


SLAPexpert to build your SLAP for you


SLAPexpert and our SLAPsupport team to literally
implement your SLAP for you- executing all Action
Items and updating YOU on your growth!